Thursday, December 18, 2008

get real

selalunya org ckp laki ni ego en..
poyo je laki nih..
or it juz me yg stupid
i juz dunnno wut to do..
they ask me to go..
go go go..!

say me stupid!
say me kerusi!
say me bitch!
say me ego!
say me freak!
say me ngeng!
say me cute!
say me naughty!
say me sexay!
say me hAwt!
say me gay!
say me say me say me..!!!
wuteva u want
i juz laugh

Theory : when id + super ego = ego ( rasenye pom da lupe )
stupidity like ego is juz a pop culture where people do sumthing without using their brain
buat bodo bley kot diklasifikasi as pop culture
bcoz nowaday there r lot of people do sumthing stupid
n say ' buat bodo je '..
straight to the point..
wut the hack im telling u guys bout this stupidity..
bcoz im juz gonna say

get real..
i dun wanna be ur enemy..i dun wanna figh wit u..i dun wanna be sad..
bcoz im not a fighter..i juz dun wanna kno u..
bcoz im stupid..

neva say goodbye~

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