Saturday, February 06, 2010

Love , Friendship & Tragedy.

Love Friendship & Tragedy.

One quote that perfectly describes my life.
This week.
Kesedihan dan kehilangan yang amat terasa dan nyata.
Cuz there is no more u.
I cant believe.
The moment we had a fight.
is the last conversation between u n me.
n I cant believe.
The last tym i saw u.
is the last moment of u n me.

I'll not forget the moment when we were together, writing together n laugh together.
I'll not forget our promises, mission n vision.
n I'll not forget that we have been together.
I love you so much n im fuckin mish u bro.

Love Friendship & Tragedy.

p/s :

I'm so so sory bro
sory for what i've done to u
sory that im hurting u