Tuesday, June 09, 2009


im not that strong.
pls forgive me.
i cant accept u as my bestfren.
bcoz i love u.
n cant stop loving u.

loving u it is because u beautiful
making love with u is all i wanna do
loving u is moment that the dream come true
everything that i do is all loving u

talk bout drugs..
she/he is my/your only drugs..
me/u addicted to him/her..
without my/your drug..
all the misery turn around my/your head..
make me/u feel like crazy..
my/your hand is shaking..
hoping he/she to hold it to make sure everything is alrite..
everyday me/u waiting for her/him..
to call my/your name with full of love..
to say how she/he miss me/you.

Everyday n Everynight

if you can see through my heart
you will see unshaped bleeding heart
it keeps bleeding
like a flowing river that's no end

everyday n everynight
i'll try to forget u
everyday n everynight
i'll cry because of u

i believe on my loyalty
to endure my tears from falling
because it then will flow inside my nerves
straight to my heart like an acid
n burn it like hell

everyday n everynight
i'll fall for u
everyday n everynight
to dream of u is my delight

Monday, June 08, 2009

empty promises by manis

Empty Promises
song : Lead
lyrics : Lead

hey u 
u put me higher on the first day
and treat me like a king spade
i can see u’re messing around

but silent keep me rite

hey u 
u touch my feelings softly
pretending like a sweet pill
and wish me to addict it
but i denied

u calling calling, u calling  calling my name
u crying crying, crying crying honey
u calling calling, u calling calling my name
and its hard to receive

u turn my life n my mind was wrong
i believe i believe u’re falling down

i believe i believe u’ll ask my help

u break my heart my trust has gone
i believe i believe u’re falling down
i believe believe u’ll ask my help
u turn my life
my trust has gone