Friday, October 24, 2008

The way you are..

Still can't forget the way you say goodbye..

nice chat i have wit you.. was 12 Oct 2008..
not 10 Oct..

i like you bcoz of the way u are..!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poster kuh..!

akhirnya siap juga poster gilem nih.
ouh ya..
poster ni hanya assignment kuh saje ok..
2 weeks lect ku bg..
juz 8 hour to finished it..
puas hati saye..
check it out..
x lawa mane pom...

Dunno actually cite ni pasal pe..
tp cite seram thriller la juge..
ouh ya.
antu girl tu heroin dye k..
may b dilakon kan oleh puteri..
bejet je sume ni...
it's my poster..
so sukatiku ah..

Speech Day

Last Wednesday was my speech day...ahahaha its so funny..actually not so funny..its sak..!!! i hv no mood to do any speech..all my fren has prepared their speeches..but me..nuthin..juz wrote down some points n bajet2 nk spontan la the class..i looked at all my frens..all of them r ready with their speech..but me..i'hv nuthin..i dunno wut to do..wut to tell them about nowaday issues..haih..damn..damn..damn..then the tym has come.its tym for me to membebel pule.

" samekom n gud afternoon to Pn Turisiana ( my lovely lect ) , to our lovely judges n my fellow frens ( u guys sak..!hehe..xdela.. ).I would like to talk bout critical social probs among university student..( damn..wut a lame issue )..From my research n xperience..there r 5 critical social probs among u sex..drugs..alcohol..clubbing n mobster ( actually it's gangsterism ) n bla bla bla "

i dun wanna talk bout my speech anymore..bcoz i dunno wut im talking bout..damn sak..!im really really vavi not in a mood that day..haih..its all bcoz of my carry marks..saks..!!!!damn..dun wanna talk bout it too..depresse..confuse..stress..after my speech..i went to the toilet n sat there till all my frens done their not crying..urm..ok..its a lie..may b a little drop of a human too too sad..but actually it's nuthin..haih.sokay ah..i'll try my best kot..hope not repeat that paper..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You're The One

Something is missing when u smile,
My sadness,
My loneliness.

Something is c0ming when u laugh,
My honest,
My happiness.

U're the one,
The one that makes me smile.
U're the one,
The one that makes me laugh.

My loneliness is killing me,
My sadness is ruin me,
My honest protects me,
My happiness is all i have to live,
My Fear is hunting me.

Don't leave me like the others.
Leaving without telling,
Leaving without smiling.
As it has been writen by the destiny,
We're belong together.

this poem is for someone who can make me fly really high.
and make my world upside down.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Expressive oF Art

15 and 16 Oct aritu adalah big days yang dinantikan oleh kami iaitu exhibition yang harus di buat oleh setiap student sem 3 di F.A.C.T kebanggaankuh..
hehe...kitorg buat event ni kat SACC Mall Shah Alam..
Thx kepada sesiapa yang datang..
ouh ya..
exhibition ni lebih kurang cam gallery la..
kitorg kne pamerkan 2 pic terbaik kitorg sepanjang kitorg blajar dlm pornography nih..
tym pameran tu syok la..
sape pic dye yang terjual lg la syok..
masyuk tuh..
paling koman bley dpt dlm rm 30 - rm 100 for a one pic..
ok la tu en for student..
kitorg bkn nye student photography..but its a part of our course..
we need to learn still photo before moving to moving photo..
sebelum exhibition ni payah gyle vavi..
sampai gado2..
tapi ble da settle.
sume puas hati..tapi pnat macam macam la en..
1st day of exhibition tu i x hang lg pic2 i...
bukan ape..sebab macik tu mengong salah print..
pic tu mcm ade border pule en..
both pic i plak tu..
so..malam tu i blk i setup frame baru..
buat sendiri beb..
2nd day tu i pom hang la pic2 i tuh..
1st pic i title dye " The Road Not Taken " taken at Putrajaya by me..
2ns pic pule " A Part of Life " ..hehe..i xbajet i bley jual pic i sebab i lg ske kat pic 1st tu..
pic perspektif..pic yang 2nd tu pic kerengge tgh kish..
i dpt jual pic 2nd tu la..
mule2 i jual kat macik tu rm35 je..
tp macik tu up kan ke rm50..ok la tu en..dari x terjual..
saye xde hal macik..
janji ade untung..hehe...
thx tu macik tu..
suami macik amat garang..

ni la 1st pic saye " The Road Not Taken "...mengape..?
sebab i x amek pom jalan tu..hehe...ouh ya..model itu is Dilla kwn sy..not for sale...

2nd pic kuh.." A part of Life " has been sold already..wuwu..
sedih..poyo je..padahal rm50 tu skarang 2 hari je da abis...