Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Words from my beloved Ackie ( kiwi )

kiwi : kau ni knape hah..?aku da besar la..sukati aku la..
oren : ok fine..kau da besar en..lepas ni aku da x payah amek tau pasal kau..lantak kau lah

From : Jackie

True friends!!!

we sign our picca as bff (best friend forever)
you has million ways to make me laugh
you lookin' out for me and you got my back
so good to have you around,my friend..

you know the secrets i could never tell
and when i'm quiet you break through my shell!!
don't feel the need to do or never yell,
coz you keep,my feet on the ground

you're true friend till the end!!
you pull me aside when something aint right
'till it's alright again

you don't ever angry when i change the plans
some how you're never outta second chances
won't say i told when i'm wrong again
i'm so lucky that i found a true friend..

true friends will go to the ends of the earth
'till they find the things you need!
friends hang on through the ups and the downs
coz they've got someone to believe in!!!

tq caa to be my true friend..

don't ouching2 haa!!!

smile!!! ;)

Thanx ackie for ur words
no need for me to worry bout u anymore
u has grown up maturely
u can take care of urself now
im proud of u and u are my bestfriend also
no worries , as long as i still alive
i'll be beside u till the end of my life

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