Thursday, October 23, 2008

Speech Day

Last Wednesday was my speech day...ahahaha its so funny..actually not so funny..its sak..!!! i hv no mood to do any speech..all my fren has prepared their speeches..but me..nuthin..juz wrote down some points n bajet2 nk spontan la the class..i looked at all my frens..all of them r ready with their speech..but me..i'hv nuthin..i dunno wut to do..wut to tell them about nowaday issues..haih..damn..damn..damn..then the tym has come.its tym for me to membebel pule.

" samekom n gud afternoon to Pn Turisiana ( my lovely lect ) , to our lovely judges n my fellow frens ( u guys sak..!hehe..xdela.. ).I would like to talk bout critical social probs among university student..( damn..wut a lame issue )..From my research n xperience..there r 5 critical social probs among u sex..drugs..alcohol..clubbing n mobster ( actually it's gangsterism ) n bla bla bla "

i dun wanna talk bout my speech anymore..bcoz i dunno wut im talking bout..damn sak..!im really really vavi not in a mood that day..haih..its all bcoz of my carry marks..saks..!!!!damn..dun wanna talk bout it too..depresse..confuse..stress..after my speech..i went to the toilet n sat there till all my frens done their not crying..urm..ok..its a lie..may b a little drop of a human too too sad..but actually it's nuthin..haih.sokay ah..i'll try my best kot..hope not repeat that paper..

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