Monday, May 23, 2011

The other man

long tym ago..
i'd set my mind to be a man that's not like the other man..

The Other Man

" we(man) share , we care , we love , we fuck , we cheat then we leave"

that's how the other man end up their relationship until they're getting tired..

if i can turn back tym..
i would like to set my mind back to be like the other man..

" sharing is caring , caring is loving , loving is fucking , fucking then we cheating n cheating then we're leaving bby "

but i denied it eventho its sound so much fun..

i dun wanna be like that..
i rather lay low my ego & dignity as a man than be like the other man..


we dunno wut people think..
they can change their mind in a second..

n maybe after this i'll change n think like the other man or worst..


syg , once upon a time, we said forever,

p/s :

bleeding ♥


Marya Hana . said...

as a conclusion ..

jadi lah pecinta yg setia abg damak..

Azhar Rakus ♥ said...

i try my best..

Azhar Rakus ♥ said...

tapi x kesampaian daa...