Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My lovely blog

dear my lovely blog - KURAKUSRAKUS -
i mish u so damn fucking much..
sory for d silence n not longer stick wit u..
i hope u tak kesah cuz u knew d reasons rite..?
YES, it's true..
im HAPPY wit my life cuz i have my special one to be with me all the tym when i need sumone eventho im busy wit my work :)

u kno wut.
i wont forget u..
no need to wury bout that..

OhEmGee~ bak kata puya..
how can i forget u..?
u r the one who always be by my side long tym ago when im lonely n feel like a loser..
u taught me how to face this world n gamble with it!
u showed me the strength n trust to fight back my agony..
n the best thing is..
u je sorg yg layan feeling i..
I mish u!

p/s :

lamo doh x kece mat saleh nim!

1 comment:

reez said...

erm.....bagus lah ko dh bercinte........ehehe...xlah emosi sgt