Saturday, February 27, 2010

For you~

, friendship & tragedy.

I wake up and I think of you.
As pretty as a girl could be so beautiful.
With a smile on your face.
Oh God, you make me fall in love!!~~

So many of us are out there feel the pain
Of losing what was there

Oh Cinta,
I want you to stay in my life.
I need you as you need me.
You made my dreams come true.

I promised myself.
As a human being who is not perfect enough for u.
I'll try my best to hold your hands and fly together.

For You~

p/s :

Saia kamu ~ Humaira Ahmad


Xerra Mickey said...

cheh2 ja'a.
kemaen lg skang kan?

Payung said...


mairanthebutterfly said...

love u to jaa..

love , friendship & tragedy ♥ said...

xerra ; hehehe...asek serius jep..agaga

payung ; jeng10x

maira ; gyle..sepak kang nak?!

Maganda said...

seronok bercinta ye. hehe

Azhar Rakus ♥ said...

mestila seronok yunk.

BEAN said...

dalm hati ada taman..