Tuesday, June 09, 2009


im not that strong.
pls forgive me.
i cant accept u as my bestfren.
bcoz i love u.
n cant stop loving u.

loving u it is because u beautiful
making love with u is all i wanna do
loving u is moment that the dream come true
everything that i do is all loving u

talk bout drugs..
she/he is my/your only drugs..
me/u addicted to him/her..
without my/your drug..
all the misery turn around my/your head..
make me/u feel like crazy..
my/your hand is shaking..
hoping he/she to hold it to make sure everything is alrite..
everyday me/u waiting for her/him..
to call my/your name with full of love..
to say how she/he miss me/you.

Everyday n Everynight

if you can see through my heart
you will see unshaped bleeding heart
it keeps bleeding
like a flowing river that's no end

everyday n everynight
i'll try to forget u
everyday n everynight
i'll cry because of u

i believe on my loyalty
to endure my tears from falling
because it then will flow inside my nerves
straight to my heart like an acid
n burn it like hell

everyday n everynight
i'll fall for u
everyday n everynight
to dream of u is my delight


reez said...

who denied ur love ni ja'a?

thanx a lot bro
tulah,xle berkecah sgt
da tua

Maganda said...

hmm. u should let her knw. bdk johor tu jgk ke? hmm

The way i are said...

tak la..
budak usj.

Maganda said...

main2. haih. tgk cane i nak fhm u.

The way i are said...

kura - kura dlm perahu..
pura² tidak tahu.

Luna Abdullah said...

hmm..i cant accept him as my friends too.waaaa...

Payung said...

Well, thats the only way. Tak salah pun

Maganda said...

galas bag, sakit bahu.
dah memang tak tahu.

Anonymous said...

you've been tagged! :)