Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Dear my lovly fucking shit.

U know it rite.
every1 hv their own shoes.
me also hv my own shoes.
n need to take gud care of it.
dun mess up wit my shoes.
cuz u kno me rite.

like u said.
i knew things.
i knew everything rite..!!

it's not the ' things ' yg berubah.
it's u..
u need to walk back through ur memories..
u'll got it..
or u need me to tell u..?


in ur situation..
i know wut's wrong n wut's rite.
cuz im a boy..!!
u know me well rite..
but u r not listen to me.
u need to listen carefully..

u know..
u r so damn selfish girl.
cuz of 1 guy.
u changed.
i hate it so much.
u had change a LOT..!!
n its all not worth it.
I REALLY hate it.
wut u got..
wut DID u GOT girl..??!!!!
like u said before..
i KNEW everything.....

u NEED to face d fact.
it's not worth for u n ur SHOES..

u can say it..
i had change too..
cuz of 1 girl..
but i STIL GOT my shoes on.
cuz im not change into sumthing so DAMN FUCKING SHIT PEOPLE..!!

it is not about u and ur sadness n shoes..
how bout us....
dun u eva think we're not loving u.
oh gosh..
u make me sad..
im afraid things not gonna be the same anymore.

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