Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bagaimana cara tunjukkan maksudku..?

I juz read my oldest entry that i'd post on 13 Nov 08..
its titled ' Dear Gadis '..
n in that entry stated words that telling her why do i love her..
n then i read all my entries that i'd post bout her n how much i need her..

Wut d hack im telling u guys bout this..

it's bcoz there r 1 fren who is my ex-schoolmate b4 n we're getting closer..
we shared our probs together n try to chill each other..
she'd mention 1 statement that makes me feels so so sakit hati n guilty..

' Boleh ke i caye kat u..?i takot u ja'a yg dulu je '

I pon takot if i jaa yg dulu..
im not blaming her if she said like that..
coz i can face the fact n tried to change..

I always walked back through my memories to see wut i'd miss n lost..
I tried to be a better person and it's still not good enough..
not good enough to impress her n everyone that were on my way..
i hurted my self n keep trying till i got wut i want..

then i realize that evrything in this world has its limit..

I juz walked back through my memories..
n i hope i'll not do the same mistakes..

p/s :

Not good enough is better than
trying to be so perfect


deana said...

mmg sedyhh ahh.

The way i are said...

nk pepoyo jep cite sedih nih..
&& that girl da ade bf tau..

amy.437 said...

u xsdey?

Sensual Seduction said...

bout my fren tu..?
im happy for her..
better than before.

she can lead her on way.
she doesnt need me anymore..
cepat je mase berlalu.
people come n go..